Selling a home in today's market can be tough.  I tell my clients, "It's a beauty pageant and a price war....all rolled into one."  Preparing your home for the market can be difficult.  It requires you to be able to step back and view your home objectively, as a buyer would.  Many time it's impossible to see your own home objectively.

Having a professional stage your home can make the difference between selling....or not selling.  A professional home stager will know how to place furniture and decor in a precise way that will bring out the most beautiful features of your home, while helping to minimize the flaws.

Home staging is one service that we offer our clients for no additional charge when we are hired for the listing.  Below are examples of home staging performed by our professional home stager, using nothing but what the homeowner already had.  There is a charge for the service if we provide the furniture for the home.

Are you thinking of selling your home in the Springfield, MO, area Give us a call to see how we can help you stage and market your home to give you the best possible advantage in today's tough market.